March 24, 2016.

Welcome to my website. I am N3WP, Will Pope. I live in the eastern area of the city of York in Springettsbury Township, York County, Pennsylvania. Centrally located, York lies between Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to the North, Baltimore, Maryland to the South, Lancaster, Pennsylvania to the East and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to the West. The map image displays the maidenhead grid square for this area, FM19px.

fm19px map

This site may look like a normal blog, but it is my personal publishing site - a one-way blog. I will discuss topics that interest me. The initial setup includes an area for discussion of ham radio issues, an area containing various ham radio links, and an area to discuss issues regarding faith. In the future, I will add new topics if possible.

This site uses responsive, mobile first design. In other words, I designed it to be usable with smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, in that order. To do this, the site uses JavaScript to change screen formats when the viewing area changes and to help it work correctly with older browsers. If you do not have JavaScript enabled, and you are not viewing the site on a smart phone, then presentation of a distorted site is probable.

The main navigation buttons at the top of the screen are large enough for easy selection on a touch screen. They bring up the main topic area screens. A menu button = at the upper left corner of the screen replaces the navigation bar if the present screen width is narrower than the width of the bar. Pressing the menu button will display a new menu bar that is only two buttons wide and, at least, two buttons high. The buttons will disappear after selecting a topic or pressing the menu button a second time.
The « Back  button functions like your browser's back button to return you to the previous screen.

On this home screen, I included some general links that I find useful in a sidebar. In addition, I included a Bible verse area and a "What's New" area. They will change when I find new items that I believe may be helpful and when updates to pages occur. On the main topic screens, this area will contain links to individual articles and possibly additional topic screens, as the site grows.

If any of the present topics interest you, pick a topic and check out the articles. I hope you find the information useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can find my email address in the "About N3WP" article on the "Ham Radio" topic page.