Antenna Links

January 09, 2016.
antenna Link: AA5TB - Antennas
Contents: His site begins with the interesting "Golden Rule Number 1" regarding antenna size, efficiency, and bandwidth.
antenna Link: Analysis of the Balun
Contents: April 1980 article from QST written by Bruce Eggers, WA9NEW, SK.
antenna Link: Antenna Elmer
Contents: Information about various types of antennas and some construction tips.
Contents: Antenna and antenna tuner basics.
antenna Link: Crappie Portable Antenna
Contents: Description of a center fed Zepp supported in the inverted V position using one twenty foot and two ten foot collapsing poles.
antenna Link: Dipole Height
Contents: Author discusses the gain and launch angles for dipoles at heights between .05λ and 4λ.
antenna Link: Electromagnetic Radiation Explained
Contents: Explains radiation using the various mathematical formulae associated with electromagnetic radiation.
antenna Link: G4FGQ Memorial Antenna Software Site
Contents: Many programs for designing antennas. They have problems running on newer versions of Windows OS.
antenna Link: KD6WD's Moxon Antenna Project
Contents: All kinds of information about the interesting Moxon directional antenna.
antenna Link: N4UJW Antenna Projects Design Lab
Contents: A lot of different antenna projects are discussed, some quite unique.
antenna Link: NEETS Module 10 - Antennas
Contents: Introduction to wave propagation, transmission lines and antennas.
antenna Link: Portable Antenna Comparison
Contents: Compares the vertical, dipoles, and inverted V antennas for portable use.
antenna Link: Radials and Grounds
Contents: Some thoughts on grounding the antenna and providing an artificial ground using radials.
antenna Link: Radio Antennas and How They Operate
Contents: September 1984 article from QST written by Doug DeMaw, W1FB, SK.
antenna Link: St. Louis Vertical
Contents: A portable, inexpensive vertical antenna that covers 10M to 40M and installs without external supports.
antenna Link: St. Louis Vertical Updates
Contents: Possible improvements to the original St. Louis Vertical.
antenna Link: Stake Stick Vertical
Contents: Antenna similar to the St.Louis Vertical but with less of that antennas drawbacks.
antenna Link: Understanding the Hexbeam
Contents: A site describing the strengths and weaknesses of the hexbeam antenna and presenting a variant that the author claims improves bandwidth and SWR.
antenna Link: W8JI's Antenna Site
Contents: Much information about all types of antennas and antenna installation.
antenna Link: Wire Antennas for Ham Radio
Contents: Information on over 140 types of wire antennas.
antenna Link: Why an Antenna Radiates
Contents: An 1992 article from QST written by Kenneth Macleish, W7TX, SK.