Band Specific Links

January 09, 2016.
band Link: Amateur Radio Frequency Band Chart
Contents: The color version of the ARRL chart.
band Link: Amateur Radio Use of the Allocation at 5 MHz
Contents: Guidelines for working in the 5 MHz band area.
band Link: IARU Region 2 Band Plan
Contents: This IARU Region 2 band plan was written as a suggestion for Member Societies to incorporate them into their regulations.
band Link: N2KNL Band Plan Page
Contents: ITU zones and regions, amateur radio band plan chart, and ARRL call district map.
band Link: North East Weak Signal Group
Contents: Good VHF and UHF information.
band Link: Six Meter Worldwide Beacon List
Contents: G3USF's list seems to be updated frequently. It displays the beacon frequency, callsign, QTH, grid square, power, antenna, direction, xmit mode, status, and when last reported.
band Link: Ten Meter Information
Contents: All kinds of information covering 10 Meters for the ham.