CW Mode Links

January 09, 2016.
CW Link: AC6V's CW Operating Aides
Contents: Much information to assist the CW operator.
CW Link: Adjusting Straight Keys, Paddles, & Bugs
Contents: Decent description of the proper adjustment for your CW keying device.
CW Link: Art of Side-Swipery
Contents: KD0CA discusses the history and use of the side-swiper or cootie key.
CW Link: Beginner's Guide to Making CW Contacts
Contents: This is the PP5FO presentation of WB8FSV's CW fundamentals website.
CW Link: CW Is Really a Language
Contents: Things that K6DGB has discovered about CW.
CW Link: Iambic A and B Modes from WB9KZY
Contents: An explanation of the timing differences between iambic modes A and B.
CW Link: Iambic Sending from K5FO
Contents: Author describes his methods for keying the double paddle and why he prefers it over other methods.
CW Link: Iambic Keying - Debunking the Myth from N1FN
Contents: Author presents the argument that iambic keying may have been a "BAD IDEA that happened to catch on".
CW Link: Learn CW Online
Contents: Site has several different sections to assist the user to learn the basics and then to increase their speed.
CW Link: Ultimatic Keying Mode
Contents: A Blog post from LA3ZA discussing the Ultimatic keying mode - the original two lever paddle electronic keying mode.
CW Link: W1TP Telegraph Museum
Contents: Images and descriptions of telegraph keys the author has and had in his collection. A good source for identifying your newly acquired unknown key.