EmComm Links

January 09, 2016.
EmComm Link: Amateur Radio Emergency Service - ARES
Contents: The ARRL ARES website. Includes a copy of the ARES Field Resources Manual.
EmComm Link: Go Kit: Daily Emergency Communications Gear Ideas
Contents: Discussion about the various items one might include in the emergency Go Kit.
AF Link: MARS - Air Force
Contents: Information regarding the United States Air Force Military Auxiliary Radio System.
Army Link: MARS - Army
Contents: Information regarding the U.S. Army Military Auxiliary Radio System.
EmComm Link: MARS - Navy-Marine
Contents: Information regarding the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Military Auxiliary Radio System.
EmComm Link: National Weather Service
Contents: Forecasts, doppler radar, active alerts, and plenty more.
EmComm Link: NOAA Nationwide Station Listings
Contents: Helps find the proper frequency for your weather alert radio.
EmComm Link: Portable Emergency Communications Station Ideas
Contents: A spin-off of the Go Kit project, this site shows several implementations of stations in boxes.
EmComm Link: Skywarn Site
Contents: The National homepage for Skywarn with maps showing present and future problem areas.
EmComm Link: Standard Power Connectors for Interoperation
Contents: Information on the Anderson Power Pole connectors.
EmComm Link: Weather Channel
Contents: Another source of radar images and alerts.