Homebrewing Links

January 09, 2016.
homebrew Link: Amateur Radio Construction Projects
Contents: Includes several different projects and a few items on the KK7B's R2/T2.
homebrew Link: Circuit Technology Center
Contents: Tips on circuit board repair and rework.
homebrew Link: G0UPL Homebrew Site
Contents: Plenty of projects to peruse for ideas.
homebrew Link: G3SEK's Amateur Radio Technical Notebook
Contents: Mostly G3SEK's article reprints from RadCom magazine. Also includes a bit of useful information about power amplifiers.
homebrew Link: Harry's Homebrew Homepage
Contents: Various homebrew projects from Sweden.
homebrew Link: HOMEBREW QRP IS GUD 4 U
Contents: Good site containing many mini QRP projects
homebrew Link: IK3OIL's Projects Site
Contents: Several useful projects in pdf format with schematics.
homebrew Link: JF1OZL QRP
Contents: Written in Japanese and English, over 140 projects with hand drawn schematics along with 20 "small hints" for builders.
homebrew Link: K8CU Technical Topics
Contents: Some interesting technical articles, some QRO.
homebrew Link: K8IQY's "Manhattan Madness" Project Page
Contents: Ten of K8IQY's transceivers with description and schematics. Also section with information on Manhattan-style construction techniques.
homebrew Link: QRP FOR YOU
Contents: Radio and pieces of radio circuits with description and schematics. Also has descriptions of several popular components.
homebrew Link: Peter Parker QRP Site
Contents: Information about QRP, and projects for QRP and Portable operation.
homebrew Link: Wes Hayward, W7ZOI, Web Site
Contents: Two technical areas that I found helpful are the EMRFD Errata area and the QST Article area.