Phone Mode Links

January 09, 2016.
phone Link: AM Window
Contents: Site apparently dedicated to AM mode.
phone Link: Back on 10 Meter FM
Contents: The other HF phone mode only allowed above 29 MHz on 10 Meters.
phone Link: Operating Phone Mode with No Microphone
Contents: He was doing contests at the time, but this could also be used to get a DX contact.
phone Link: Phonetic Alphabet
Contents: Lists the standard NATO phonetic alphabet along with others that may be used by DXers.
phone Link: SSB - What is Single Side band?
Contents: Some background into SSB mode.
phone Link: Tuning SSB Phone on Your New HF Radio
Contents: Meant to assist the new General class operator with setting up their rig to make contacts.
phone Link: Wiki SSB Modulation
Contents: SSB information from the Wikipedia site.