Propagation Links

January 09, 2016.
prop Link: AE4RV Propagation Primer
Contents: Adobe flash primer on HF propagation
prop Link: Basics of Radio Wave Propagation
Contents: Covers types of propagation, the Ionosphere with its different layers, solar events, and contains a glossary of solar/propagation terminology.
prop Link: DX Maps
Contents: Almost real time maps of DX activity covering LF to UHF. Shows activity over last hour.
prop Link: F2-Layer Critical Frequency Map
Contents: A map that is near real-time that shows the frequencies that will always return to earth (NVIS Propagation). This is the maximum radio frequency that can be reflected at a vertical incidence.
prop Link: International Beacon Project
Contents: Northern California DX Foundation site with information about the IARU beacons on 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meters.
prop Link: MUF Map
Contents: a near real-time map showing the maximum usable frequencies for various areas of the world. Also displays the radio auroral zones, areas degraded by solar flare x-rays, and the grayline.
prop Link: NVIS Basics from AI0W(SK)
Contents: Explains communications using near-vertical incident skywave propagation with proper antenna and frequency.
prop Link: NVIS Frequency Map
Contents: This is a global map of "optimum" NVIS frequencies from the HFPACK site.
prop Link: Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
Contents: Site with solar/propagation forecasts and many other items.
prop Link: WSPR
Contents: A digital software transmit package that implements a protocol designed for probing potential propagation paths with low-power transmissions.