Shack Accessory Links

January 09, 2016.
extras Link: 10 Minute Timer Circuit
Contents: Plans for a 10 minute ID timer.
extras Link: Building and Using a VHF Wattmeter.
Contents: A W1FB project from 1987 which works from 28 MHz to 432 MHz.
extras Link: K8IQY MagicBox T/R Switching System - YouTube
Contents: Connect separate transmitters and receivers together for QSK operation, antenna tune tone, and a frequency spot function.
extras Link: OHR WM-1/WM-2 Peak Power Modification
Contents: How to modify the wattmeter for peak readings and two other minor upgrades.
extras Link: PT-340 Tuner Tuner
Contents: Using this will allow you to setup your tuner without throwing out a significant signal on the air.
extras Link: Signalink USB - Hints and Tips
Contents: NA4IT's hints and tips on how to use the interface.
extras Link: Signalink USB Sound Card Modification
Contents: K7SFN's modifications that he made to the Signalink USB interface unit.
extras Link: Noise Bridge Project
Contents: Instructions on building and using an RF noise bridge for the shack.
extras Link: T-Network Antenna Tuners
Contents: This common configuration tuner is described and tuning procedures are discussed.
extras Link: Universal QSYer KeyPad
Contents: Usable by IC-706 and FT-817 to directly enter frequencies into radio through the keypad.
extras Link: Zero-Beat Tuning Aid
Contents: N5ESE's version of the standard lm567 IC zero-beat detector.